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Green Tip: Collect Mason Jars

lovestillstandsmasonjarsMason jars have infinite uses! My personal favorite use for them is for indoor/outdoor lighting- dinner parties, barbecues, any opportunities where you can experiment with lighting. They really offer endless possibilities, and the best part is you can usually by a case of them incredibly cheap, or find them at secondhand stores, or even for free on sites like Craigslist and Some uses:



  • As a vase, or planter (Possibly in the kitchen to grow your own herbs…)
  • To serve drinks, or make your own moonshine
  • For crafts, or to store your craft supplies
  • To store spices
  • As tupperware
  • To store food: Homemade jams, salad dressings, really anything
  • As indoor or outdoor lighting: Perfect for candlelit dinners, as well as to light garden paths at a patio party.



What are some ways you reuse old jars?